Istanbul, Pejac


Photographer: Ana Lora
Model: Su Schu

gżegżółka | a polish mix to make you fall in love with the language so full of traps you will break your tongue time and time again

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the many faces of slytherins | daniela braga as astoria greengrass


West Berlin, 14 May 1955.
Objective: NATO General James Keller. Target eliminated with prejudice.

Madripoor, 1 January 1956
Objective: British Ambassador Dalton Graines. Target eliminated, along with acceptable collateral damage. Madripoor authorities have no leads.

A comprehensive mental evaluation of Codename: Winter Soldier was conducted over the course of the past week. Diagnoses were varied, but most in Dept. X Science Team believe that his mental state is becoming unstable. It is therefore our recommendation that Codename: Winter Soldier be kept in stasis between missions, and that he undergo Mental Implantation at every awakening.

Lucy Liu | Harper’s Bazaar Singapore (Sept. 2009)


"There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state. The other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people." .. (Commander Adama, Battlestar Galactica)


Someone said - & i’ve heard this before - that a welfare state won’t work if people are going to “cheat the system”. That welfare might not help reduce poverty because it’s going to make people lazy, and reduce incentive to find work. Both these statements are very privileged. I rarely hear it (in fact I’ve never heard it) from someone who has been through or are going through poverty. I almost always hear it from the rich/comfortable middle-class.

When “cheating the system” is mentioned I always want to ask — what do you mean? Look at the world we have where people can be so poor. Someone’s already cheating the system. The question is, is it acceptable when the poor do it?

When the rich get tax breaks, tax holidays; that’s cheating the system. When the rich can get jobs and opportunities based on connections; that’s cheating the system too. Because if you follow the system you only get such opportunities through your portfolio. And when the rich can escape the law when they embezzle millions while a poor person who steals a far less amount of money languishes in prison; that is cheating the system.

And I’m not even beginning to talk here about the system itself. How flawed it is, how it privileges and maintains the wealth of the upper class at the expense of the poor. How it is almost inevitable that people would want to cheat such a system since this is a system that is determined to keep them poor, keep them hopeless, make them feel dehumanized. I could go on.

The truth is, someone is always going to be cheating the system. So are you going to wait until every single poor person is well-behaved before you believe that they deserve a systematic change/help? I mean, let’s just completely ignore the fact that their circumstances might have very well led them to make such poor choices, right?

The assumption that people will “cheat the system” or they’ll be “lazy” or “won’t work” when they’re under a welfare state; that’s a very unkind statement to make to me. Because it just exemplifies a complete lack of understanding for what poor people go through. How divorced you are from their reality because you just assume the worst of them. And you show how you don’t even begin to understand the hopelessness. The concern for only the immediate moment and getting food on the table. When healthcare insurance can’t even help you pay medical bills. When savings is non-existent. When studying is hard because your environment is not conducive. When you have to get jobs just to pay for your school books.

When I think about all of this, and just the everyday companion of despair when you’re poor, then to choose not to systematically at least try to alleviate that through implementing a welfare state for a reason like “people are going to cheat the system” is so incredibly trivial. It’s so trivial. And it shows how the priorities of the person saying that is not with helping the poor at all.

And poor people do want jobs. They’re not lazy. They will work. They need the money. Poor people work harder than you think. In fact I’m not surprised if they work harder than you. Just think about the kind of jobs some of them have. Labourers. Cleaners. What about poor single-parent families? Do you think you can work as hard as them? Welfare states are not perfect — just like any state, by the way — but they have been proven to reduce poverty. Their aim is to help the poor. So for the rich/comfortable middle-class who think of it as simply a discussion & go “it won’t work if people are going to cheat the system” - what do you care? As if you’re not where you are now because somewhere along the way you’ve cheated the system too.